About certified partners

What are certified partners?

Certified partners are those who have been officially recognized by the “(One Company) Shikoku 88 Sites”.
Based on the faith of Kobo Daishi centered on the teachings of the two accompanying him, he visited Shikoku, invited as many people as possible to this path, and taught them as leaders or as examples. It is person who works for this purpose.
In addition, we will acquire guidance and other knowledge related to pilgrimage roads and fudasho, and give appropriate instructions and advice.
And if you are certified by a certified company, you will be awarded special pilgrimage equipment.

About certified patrol goods

Those who have been approved by the new certified recipients will be awarded the following certified accessories for the certified recipients after supplementing the certified recipients at the advance training workshop in December.
①Shikoku Henro DVD
②A must-have
③Account book for certified customers
④Ranka dedicated to certified customers
⑤Kongo cane dedicated to certified customers
⑥Certified company name tag※Numbers and names are examples.
In addition, there will be an official certification tube and an advance certification after the workshop, and a name tag with the advance number will be mailed at a later date.
In addition, the newspaper will be mailed once a month.
Those who have received approval for promotion will be handed over to the new class at the advanced training workshop in December, and then the new class insignia, promotion memorabilia (the memorabilia will change depending on the contents of the promotion), and the officially certified tube New class advance public certification will be awarded after the workshop.
The Henro Newspaper is the same as before.

supplies of certified partners

Regarding certified supplier payment

If you are a Shikoku sacred site official, you can apply for a fee after applying for the official gold and silver billing in advance. For those who wish to have a silver bill, go around the Shikoku sanctuary for 25 circuits and pay for 25 times each. If you apply for, approval will be given after examination.

Click here for official rules

The official address and name of the applicant are printed in advance on the ticket for the certified partner issued at the cemetery. The number of applications is in units of 1,000, and the willingness of each ticket will be 10,000 yen per thousand and will be charged for shipping. Applications are due at the end of each month and will be shipped around the middle of the following month. From the second time on, you can apply by phone. Also, if you are looking for a gold note even if it is accepted on a silver bill, you will need to accept it again. If your address or name changes, please let us know when you apply.

A series of steps to become a certified company

Advancement and advancement of seniors will be decided in October every year in accordance with the rules of the board at the senior examination committee, which consists of Fudasho priests.

①To obtain advance qualifications

Those who wish to qualify for the predecessor must visit all the 88 sites in Shikoku at least four times and receive the recommendation of one temple.
As for the promotion, as a general rule, you will receive the recommendation of the Fudasho priest who received the recommendation when you first served.
Please complete the application by the end of August for both assistants and assistants.
※ Fill out the application form for Shikoku Religious Site Advancement / Certified Advancement, attach a photo of the upper (upper body) from the chest, and attach one copy of the resident’s card.

②Application form

The application will be submitted to the nominated temple by August 31 and will be measured by the council of each subcommittee.

③ Notification of pass / fail

The application form that passes through the council of the subcommittee is then sent to the secretariat of the headquarters, measured by the deliberation committee of the sacred sites, and approved by those who are qualified. From early to mid-November, we will notify you of your pass / fail.

④About assistants and promotions

Substitution is approved only after the completion of the prescribed course at the advanced training workshop held in early December every year after being approved by the advanced examination committee.
In addition, if you cannot attend the workshop due to circumstances, you can attend the next year’s workshop only once, and you can make a replacement.

⑤Issuance of Shikoku Religious Site Tour Application Form and Certified Advancement Application Form

In order to become a certified partner (in order to be promoted), it is necessary to have an application form and recommendation made at temples 1 to 88 in the 88th place of Shikoku.

A series of steps to become a certified company


General → Advanced・ 4 or more visits
・ Recommendation of Fudasho
Advanced → Advanced right・ Elapsed years of 2 years or more after advance appointment
・ Two or more visits
・ Recommendation of Fudasho
Gongchun Advanced → Medium・ Elapsed years more than 2 years
・ Two or more visits
・ Recommendation of Fudasho
Middle leaders → Gongdae leader・ Elapsed years more than 3 years
・ More than 3 visits
・ Recommendation of Fudasho
Gong Daejeon → Daejeon・ Elapsed years more than 3 years
・ More than 3 visits
・ Recommendation of Fudasho

Application, examination, etc. are no different from the above clauses.
・Present →Gonchu advanced. More than 2 years have passed since the appointment, and it is necessary to make two or more visits during that time.
・Gongchuan →Nakazatsu: 2 or more years have passed since the replacement, and it is necessary to make two or more visits during that time.
・Medium leader →Gondai leader Three years or more have passed since the replacement, and it is necessary to visit three times or more during that time.
・Gong Daeong →Dae Dae 3 years or more have passed since the replacement, and it is necessary to visit 3 or more times during that period.
・Semi-specialists will be selected from those who have received awards.
Semi-special appointments, special appointments, and seniors require the approval of all the council members and the approval of all four Shikoku sacred sites.

However, it does not mean that the number of years and the number of times should be aligned, and whether it is worthy of promotion depends on the judgment of the sacred temple that you apply for and recommend.
On top of that, it will be left to the jury members of the subcommittee and the sacred ground.
Senior citizens are limited to those who have qualifications for temple residence.
For promotion, over-classing is not allowed.
As a general rule, taxi and bus crews and tour operators are not allowed to be promoted.
The qualification of the leader is limited to one person.
Attendance at the advance competition held in September every year is a reference material for the promotion conditions.
In some cases, you can be demoted or dismissed.

Schedule of advanced competitions and advanced workshops

Advance competition

This is a commendation ceremony for those who have made great achievements in response to the deceased memorial service and Shikoku pilgrimage of those who died that year among the officials. A special lecturer will also hold a lecture.
Date: September 11th (Wednesday), 2019, start at 9am (opens at 10am)

Venue: Legzam Hall, Large Hall, 9-10 Tamamocho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture TEL:087-823-3131

Advanced workshop

Training and certification (souvenirs) will be awarded to newly appointed assistants and people to be promoted.
Subsidiary Date and time: Thursday, December 5, 2019, 8:15 Start of reception 9: 00
Promotion date and time: Friday, December 6, 2019, 8:15 start of reception 9: 00 opening

Venue: Zentsuji City Hall, 3-3-1 Bunkyocho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture Tel: 0877-62-7001 Tel:0877-62-7001