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①Site Terms of Use

The following actions or actions that may be applicable are strictly prohibited.

  • ⑴ Copying, posting, sending, selling, etc. all or part of the contents of the website without permission.
  • ⑵ Acts that cause or may cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or sacred ground.
  • ⑶ Acts that damage the honor or trust of a third party or a sacred place.
  • ⑷ Criminal acts or acts that violate or may violate public order and morals.
  • ⑸ Acts that use or provide harmful programs including computer viruses, etc.
  • ⑹ Acts that violate or may violate laws, laws, ordinances.
  • ⑺ Any other act that the Shikoku 88 Sacred Sites deems inappropriate.

②Use of site links

The copyright of the articles and photos posted on this site belongs to this temple, and all unauthorized reproduction and use is prohibited.
When posting a link to this website, please contact the administration office for use of the link. (Including actions such as replacing links with QR codes)

About link settings

When using the link, please use the link at the TOP page of this site.
In the case of text links, please describe as follows in the HTML file.
‹a href=”http://www.88shikokuhenro.jp/en/”›Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage‹/a›
When using a banner, please download and use the following image.

Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage

The copyrights for the content and images on this site are owned by the Shikoku 88 Sacred Sites.
Please refrain from copying or reproducing without permission.

③Prohibited matters

In the Shikoku 88 Sacred Sites, links to site pages related to the following are strictly prohibited.

  • ⑴A page containing content intended to be a aggressive act or a slander to others
  • ⑵Website that may fall under public order and morals violation
  • ⑶Sites that are unclear about the content, such as being deployed within a frame, and may mislead third parties
    (If the frame is set, link with the TARGET attribute set to _blank or _top.)
  • ⑷Homepage containing adult content or similar content
  • ⑸In addition to the above items, websites that contain elements that are considered illegal due to social convention