privacy policy

Shikoku 88 Sacred Sites (Inc.), (hereinafter referred to as Shikoku 88 Sites), personal information is an important property of individuals. We believe that we must comply with Q15001 “Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information”, protect personal information by handling personal information appropriately and safely, and respond to their trust.

About the handling of personal information

We will comply with laws, regulations, and other compliance programs related to the handling of personal information.

Collection, use and provision of personal information

When collecting personal information, the Shikoku 88 Sites will clarify the purpose of collection to everyone and use the collected personal information only within the scope of the purpose.
Unless there are special circumstances such as requiring disclosure under laws and regulations, we will not disclose or provide the information to third parties other than those related to the operation of this site without prior consent.

Respect for rights

Shikoku 88 Sacred Sites (Inc.) respects the rights of individuals regarding personal information, and when requested to disclose, correct, or delete their personal information, within a reasonable period of time and within a reasonable scope, shall respond accordingly.

Implementation of Safety Measures

At for Shikoku 88 Sacred Sites (Inc.), there are provisions to ensure that personal information is not leaked to any third party or that the information is improperly altered, and safety measures are implemented.
However, this does not apply to the protection of your personal information on other (business or individual) websites linked to the web page of this site.

Provision of a compliance program for the protection of personal information and maintenance of appropriate management

We have established a compliance program for protecting personal information, and will continue to review and improve it to maintain appropriate management.

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