Gabaishizan Gumonjiin Shusshakaji

Temple 73

【Pilgrim’s Song】
Lost in the six-realms that save all living things
Shakaji on the precious mountain

Shashingatake Zenjou

It is located about 50 minutes from the temple grounds, and if you go further 100m, in a pilgrimage hall Goma prayer is held every month on the 15th day of the lunar calendar. * Image 1

Shashingatake Youganju

Even if you can’t climb to Serigami, you can say that if you chant and pray at the treasure, you will have the same benefits. * Image 2

The history and origin of Shusshakaji

At the opening of Shusshakaji Temple, there is a connection to one of the legends of “Shashingatake”, and one of the many legends of Kobo Daishi. That was when Kobo Daishi was 7 years old when he was called “Mao”. Going up to to climb Mt. Gahaishi “I want to enter the Buddhist gate in the future and spread the teachings of the Buddha to save many people. If my wish comes true, I will come to Buddha. I throw away all and dedicate this body to the Buddhas.” He threw himself from the cliff. Then, a purple cloud sprung forth, and a heavenly woman who wore a hagoromo (angel’s raiment) and Shaka Nyorai descended, and held Kobo Daishi in the clouds. Kobo Daishi, who was shown to have his life saved and wishes fulfilled at Mt. Gahaishi, is said to have then come to the summit of the mountain and built the temple.

This place was called “Shashingatake Zenjou” and was originally the fudasho now it is the okuin behind the temple, which is about 50 minutes up the steep slope from the grounds. Since Kobo Daishi completed the “Gumonjihō” method, which chants the mantra of Akasagarbha mantra 1 million times, the name of “Gumonjihō” was given.

Worshiping here gives you a wonderful memory and is said to be beneficial for academic achievement and resist forgetfulness.

In addition, the place where Kobo Daishi put himself is about 50 meters from here. If you look at the bottom, you will see a deep valley that looks like a foot, but you can see a spectacular view of the Sanuki Plain and Seto Inland Sea.

The highlights of Shusshakaji

Shashingatake Zenjo, Sagamigatake Worship Center, Hondo (Kobo Daishi’s Honzon, Shaka Nyorai, and the side Buddha are the Fudo Myoo and the Kokuzo Bosatsu.)

Annual events at Shusshakaji

Oku-in Temple
An ancestral offering and goma prayer are held. There is free pick-up from the precincts to the inner shrine only on this day. You can also stay in the hall after the fair. (Participation fee 1,000 yen)
The date and time: Prayer every month from the 15th and 18:30
Location: Wakashi mountainside
* Please contact us as it may be canceled depending on the weather (heavy rain, heavy snow, etc.).
Setsubun general reading method required
Date: February 3
Permanent recharge law
Date: March 15 of the lunar calendar
Cucumber support
The date and time

Temple 73 Fudasho: Gabaishizan Gumonjiin Shusshakaji

Shingon Buddhism Omuro
Shaka Nyorai
Kobo Daishi
Late Nara to early Heian period
Nōmaku sanmanda bodanan baku


Yoshiwaracho 1091, Zentsuji, Kagawa 765-0061
Available (free of charge) * 30 regular cars, 5 large cars (parking area has become wider)

From Zentsuji Interchange to Kotohira-cho towards National Highway No. 329, turn right at Nishihara Kita intersection, go straight on prefectural road No. 48 (so far the same access as Zentsuji). Turn left after Gora-ji Temple and go straight to see the temple.
* Please note that there are no signs from National Route 11.
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